Time is running out on Rockville real estate, but the suspense is just beginning. At Rockville Escape Room, the newest trend in entertainment is at its best. Escape rooms are a blast, presenting both physical and mental challenges to participants. The fun knows no bounds and is the perfect setting for family fun, first dates, bachelor and bachelorette parties and really any other occasion.

Conveniently located close to Rockville homes at 120 Derwood Circle, the scene is set and players ready for whatever the next hour will hold. A variety of scenarios are set up with different degrees of difficulty. Groups must work in tandem collecting clues, solving riddles and moving toward a successful mission. The clock keeps ticking toward an hour timeline spurring them on.

Be Brave and Let Imagination Flow Near Rockville Homes

Current rooms challenges include Pharaoh's Quest, A Pirate’s Quest, The Great Diamond Heist and Zombie Escape. In Pharaoh's Quest a team of archaeologists immerse themselves in their dig. When digging deeply into their work they realize they have been trapped inside a secret tomb. There must be a way out but navigating the tunnels may prove too difficult. Next door, lads and lassies seeking friendlier seas stumble upon a treasure map. The lure of riches turn their heads and the treasure hunt begins. When cutthroat pirates realize their treasure is in jeopardy there’s sure to be some plank walking.

Around the corner daring thieves have lifted priceless diamonds. A team of investigators have been recruited to located the missing jewels. Can they recover the baubles stolen in the Great Diamond Heist? Nightmares may just come true on this piece of Rockville real estate but all in fun as the Zombie Apocalypse really happens and zombies run wild over the world. A secret serum is hidden away that can restore them to their human state. Only a trusted can capable few can located, secure and administer the miracle drug. Can you help? Due to the subject manner players only over thirteen can enter this room.

Reservations can be scheduled online. Participants are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early. Choose wisely and good luck.